Saturday 1-19

Checking in from the BG80!

Just got off watch- and what a great watch it was. Our watch schedule is 2 hours on, 6 hours off. Yes that is quite a bit of sleep. I go on at midnight and spend the first hour on standby while gooch drives. I then drive for an hour with Branden on standby. We are currently in the J4 with the main, in about 15-18 knots, at about 80 TWA  doing between 13 and 16 knots! SWEET! The canting keel is great fun to play with....breeze drops off a few knots and its as easy as pushing a button to lower the keel and keep the boat powered up, and on the flip side it is even more fun to increase cant angle and watch the boat speed climb.

Life on boat is full of the usual pleasures of being off shore...

Lost my water bottle for a few hours - finally found about major stress!

Took a few to many laxatives in an attempt to not get plugged up from the freeze dried....they worked

Fishing lines were out - but nothing bit

Looked at the BRO and Storm Jib - now back to J4

Branden continued to up the food game with an evening charcuterie board 

Perhaps tomorrow ill break out the sextant and have a go at determining our location the old school way.

Friday 1-19

 Life is good here, we've been motoring for about a day through a big light spot, but as of a few hours ago the number three jib is up and we are motor sailing at about 9 knots- much better than just motoring at 5.5! Branden made some awesome avocado and bacon sandwiches and a nice breakfast of potatoes, eggs, pepper and bacon..awesome! As an aside we were all a little worried about how well secured the fuel drums were (at the back of the boat) (we have alot of fuel!) but as of this morning we attacked the project and they are v well secured now. 

Tuesday 1-16

Big and menacing, the Beau Geste is a beauty. The boat is 80 ft long, has twin rudders, twin dagger boards, a canting keel, and is fully hydraulically operated. 


After spending time getting oriented we started checking off remaining items on the list. Get more fuel cans, test the water maker and replace the filter, make sure the back up computer is configured correctly, and on down the list. Luckily the guys who were already down here had the boat very well sorted out before we arrived. 


The original plan was to shove off on Sunday, hence the last second rush to get down here, but after arriving it became clear that the weather had a different plan in mind. Unfortunately high winds combined with high seas made leaving on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday a bad choice. To make things worse, once the low moves through (and the weather is suitable for departure) we are stuck with fairly light breeze for the beginning portion of the trip. Last I saw our routing went from 9 days to  around 12 -- which explains the earlier task of loading more fuel.


I am enjoying things a lot in Sydney, yesterday we walked to the Opera House and had a drink there, and it’s great fun meeting a new group of people. 


The boat is a weapon, the crew are experienced and fun, and life is good. I am really grateful to the Aszhou team for such a great opportunity! 


We just got back from dinner and I’m now in my hotel room nodding off. Tomorrow we load the boat with fresh provisions (the perishable stuff) and the clear customs in the afternoon. My goal for tomorrow morning is to make sure the Ipads can “talk” to the laptops....with out Mike, Dylan, or Kara I may be in trouble ;)


36000ft. That’s my initial guess. A quick look at the touch screen in front of me displays 37001 ft....I was close! Heading 171 degrees, Speed 558 mph. Pretty sweet.


I am typing from the seat of a Boeing 787 on my way from Tokyo to Australia, and this is my first attempt to get a blog post typed up ...if I can’t make it happen on day 1 from a plane seat, it certainly won’t get done offshore. 


The last 48 hours were a whirl wind.   I got a call Wednesday night from Ty (the boat captain) asking if I was still up for the delivery....”When do I need to be on a plane?” I asked. “We’re trying to leave Sunday” was the reply...knowing one looses two days in transit to Australia, it became clear the latest I could leave was Friday morning. Apparently two of the planned crew’s paper work was not going to clear in time for the Sunday another North American based sailor and I were given calls.


A few advice seeking phone calls to friends, parents, and Kara, and all of the responses were unequivocal, if Kroova can get all of its work done then go go go! A few text messages later, and a quick google search and the flight was booked! Best yet the cheapest flight happened to be on a Boeing 787...the first commercial plane with a primarily composite structure...high aspect wings and modern interior. Google “Boeing 787 wing tip flex” (probably without quotations) , to see how much the high aspect wings flex under load...these wings are a cool example of a structure that is driven  by stiffness, rather than strength! 


Anyhow the packing list was made and I stated checking things off, foulies, meds (with great help from my dad), download books, pass off Kroova work (I am fortunate to have  great friends and co-workers who helped make this possible!) and most importantly figure out what tools and information I needed to use a sextant! A phone call to Will Suto helped develop the list. On top of having the actual sextant and a book or two on how to use it, I needed reduction tables, a marine almanac, and plotting paper...a few hours later I was set. Dylan helped get the Kroova site set up to show tracking (via spot) and get the blog fired up. After a quick coffee stop we arrived at the airport. 


Everything has gone smoothly so far. I am 1:45 out from Sydney, and the second meal service is coming through. I am excited as can be, and health and spirits are both great. My legs are a little swollen from the long flight but I have come to expect this, I am more prone to minor edema, since the great leg swelling incident if 2016 :). I hope I have time for a quick run when I touch down, as that usually helps clear up the swelling!


Ok, food is here, hopefully the next post is from the boat! 

The Night Before the Flight

Hello all,

This is a test blog post, currently at PBC in San Diego working with Dylan to try and get the spot working and the tracker embeded on the Kroova site!

There is foul weather gear strewn about, batteries charging, and a to do list that only seems to be getting longer. Up for a long night. Tomorrow- 11:45 am flight to Tokyo, then on to Sydney.

Pumped! and tired